Julian Cope - Steve's Recordings List




Teardrop Explodes

1980"Sleeping Gas" (Official Promo) 4mEXC
1981"Reward" (Official Promo) 4mEXC
1981"Treason (It's Just A Story)" (Official Promo) 4mEXC
1981"Colours Fly Away" (Official Promo) 5mEXC
1981Top Of The Pops TV (Reward - 2 versions) 8mEXC
1981Top Of The Pops TV (Treason [It's Just A Story]) 4mEXC
1981Top Of The Pops TV (Passionate Friend) 4mEXC
1981UK TV (4 Songs) 15mEXC
Aug 1981Nottingham Theatre Royal 45mEXC
1 Dec 1981Liverpool Club Zoo (B&W) 60mVG
1982Late Night On 2 TV (Tiny Children) 4mEXC
01 Apr 1982Old Grey Whistle Test TV 45mEXC

Julian Cope

"Copeulation" 60mEXC
1983"Sunshine Playroom" (Official Promo) 4mVG
1984"The Greatness & Perfection Of Love" (Official Promo) 4mEXC
1984"Laughing Boy" (Official Promo) 4mEXC
1984"Reynard The Fox" (Official Promo) 4mEXC
1986"World Shut Your Mouth" (Official Promo) 4mEXC
1987"Trampolene" (Official Promo) 4mEXC
1987"Eve's Volcano" (Official Promo) 4mEXC
1987West German TV 20mEXC
1987French TV 15mEXC
23 Jan 1987Westminster Central Hall 90mVG/EXC
23 Jan 1987Westminster Central Hall (TV Broadcast) 30mEXC
28 Feb 1987New York Ritz 90mEXC
1988"Charlotte Anne" (Official Promo) 4mEXC
1988"5 O'Clock World" (Official Promo) 4mEXC
1988"China Doll" (Official Promo) 4mEXC
1988Live In The UK (Venue Unknown) 90mVG/EXC
1990Poll Tax Documentary - Channel 4 TV 45mEXC
25 Apr 1990Brixton Fridge 30mVG/EXC
?? Feb 1991Going Live TV 10mEXC
06 Mar 1991The Late Show TV 10mEXC
10 May 1991Friday Night At The Dome TV 10mEXC
15 May 1991Bristol Bierkeller 90mEXC
27 Jan 1993London Town & Country Club 180mEXC
16 Jul 1993Phoenix Festival: Stratford-Upon-Avon 90mEXC
13 Sep 1993Dublin McGonagles 90mEXC
25 Sep 1995Brighton Event 180mEXC
"The Modern Antiquarian" 90mEXC