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Here is my list of recordings for trade. Please note I am not one of these buffs who gives quality ratings of "9.1275" nor do I necessarily know the generation of some of the recordings or the machine & microphone used. I myself use a Sony DAT & previously a Sony Professional Walkman. I am however a keen collector so even if you have something that isn't listed, I'd still like to hear from you no matter what it sounds like!!

The list gives Venue, Date, Length & Quality rating + a link to a setlist. I prefer to trade on Minidisc or CD-R but even good 'ole cassette will do.

At the end of the listing are a few links to other associated material & a contact mail address so I look forward to hearing from you.


  Wah!BBC Radio Sessions & Demo 90mFM >>setlist<<
 1980-1981Wah! Heat"The Maverick Years" Demos 60mMIX >>setlist<<
Mar 14 1980Wah! HeatLiverpool Erics 15mVG >>setlist<<
Oct 17 1981Wah! HeatLondon 30mVG >>setlist<<
Dec 03 1982Shambeko Say Wah!University Of London Union 30mFM >>setlist<<
Mar 15 1983Wah!Liverpool Royal Court Theatre 45mFM >>setlist<<
Aug 19 1984The Mighty Wah!London Victoria Park 60mVG >>setlist<<
Sep 16 1984The Mighty Wah!Liverpool Peoples Festival 90mEXC >>setlist<<
Dec 03 1984The Mighty Wah!Liverpool University Mountford Hall 90mVG/EXC >>setlist<<
Dec 05 1984The Mighty Wah!Manchester Hacienda 90mVG/EXC >>setlist<<
May 26 1993Pete Wylie & Wah! HellLLiverpool Beat Club 90mEXC >>setlist<<
Nov 15 1994Wah! NowManchester Boardwalk 45mEXC >>setlist<<
May 08 1999Pete Wylie & Ian McNabbLiverpool St. Georges Hall 90mEXC >>setlist<<
Feb 28 2000Pete Wylie Is The Mighty Wah!Talk Of London Theatre 100mEXC >>setlist<<
Feb 29 2000Pete Wylie Is The Mighty Wah!Liverpool Lomax 110mEXC >>setlist<<
Nov 01 2000Pete Wylie Is The Mighty Wah!"On The Beat": Radio Merseyside 90mFM >>setlist<<
Nov 19 2000Pete Wylie Is The Mighty Wah!Ashton Witchwood 90mEXC >>setlist<<
Nov 22 2000Pete Wylie Is The Mighty Wah!Manchester University 90mEXC >>setlist<<
Aug 05 2001Dead Men WalkingGuildford Festival 90mEXC >>setlist<<
 2002Pete Wylie Is The Mighty Wah!"Flava! Demos" 60mEXC >>setlist<<
 2002Pete Wylie Is The Mighty Wah!"Flow! 90mEXC >>setlist<<
Jan 19 2002Pete WylieYork Fibbers 90mEXC >>setlist<<
Mar 22 2002Dead Men WalkingLiverpool Lomax 120mEXC >>setlist<<
Mar 30 2002Dead Men WalkingAshton Witchwood 120mEXC >>setlist<<
Apr 27 2002Pete WylieHarlow Square 90mEXC >>setlist<<
Aug 11 2002Pete WylieManchester Comedy Store 60mEXC >>setlist<<
Dec 09 2004Pete WylieLeeds Irish Centre 90mEXC >>setlist<<
Dec 18 2004Pete WylieIslington Bar Academy 90mEXC >>setlist<<
Apr 14 2005Pete Wylie"The Culture Show": BBC2 TV 30mVIDEO
Aug 132005Mighty Wah!Moorfest: Heaton Mersey Bowl 60mEXC >>setlist<<
Aug 282005Mighty Wah!Liverpool Zanzibar 90mEXC >>setlist<<
 2007Pete Wylie"A Guided Tour Of Liverpool" 11mPODCAST
Jan 272008Pete Wylie, Ian McNabb & Ian ProwseLiverpool Zanzibar 180mEXC >>setlist<<
Feb 222008Pete Wylie & Carbon/Silicon"Stay Free": London Inn On The Green (with Mick Jones) 6mEXC
Apr 292008Pete Wylie & Mike BadgerLiverpool Zanzibar 240mEXC >>setlist<<
Sep 07 2008Pete Wylie & Classic BandLiverpool Zanzibar 150mG/VG >>setlist<<
Mar 28 2014Pete Wylie Liverpool Zanzibar 90mG/VG >>setlist<<
Nov 29 2014Pete WylieStockton Georgian Theatre 80mEXC >>setlist<<

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