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Echo & The Bunnymen

"Pictures On My Wall" - compilation video 60mEXC
Sep 1980Futurama Festival; Leeds (Crocodiles) 5mVG
1980Fun Factory Dutch TV (Villiers Terrace) 3mVG
1981Danish TV (A Promise/Turquoise Days) 10mVG
1981"Le Via Luonge" 20mEXC
1981"Shine So Hard" 40mEXC
Sep 1981London Lyceum Ballroom (The Puppet) 3mVG
1982Gottendamner Zoo (4 songs) 20mG
Jul 1982Milan Suene 20mVG
03 Jun 1982Top Of The Pops TV (Back Of Love) 5mEXC
10 Jul 1982Brest Elixir Festival 15mVG
26 Aug 1982Liverpool Sefton Park 25mEXC
1983"Porcupine" (Official Promos) 25mEXC
1983L'Echo Des Bananes TV (5 songs) 25mEXC
1983"The Cutter" (Official Promo) 5mEXC
1983-06Compilation DVD 180mEXC
20 Jan 1983Top Of The Pops TV (The Cutter) 5mEXC
1983Top Of The Pops TV (Never Stop) 4mG/VG
05 Mar 1983Rockpalast TV: Bochum Zeche: Germany 65mFM
05 Mar 1983Bochum Zeche (Full show) 75mEXC
01 Jul 1983Roskilde Festival (Full show) 75mVG
18 Jul 1983London Royal Albert Hall 45mVG/EXC
Dec 1983The Tube TV (4 songs) 20mEXC
1984"The Killing Moon" (Official Promo) 4mEXC
1984"Seven Seas" (Official Promo) 4mEXC
Jan 1984Top Of The Pops TV (The Killing Moon) 4mEXC
26 Apr 1984Top Of The Pops TV (Silver) 4mEXC
1984Japanese TV (3 songs + Interview) 20mG
1984"Play At Home" - Channel 4 documentary 55mEXC
1984Top Of The Pops TV (Seven Seas) 4mEXC
1984Discoring TV - Italy (Silver) 4mEXC
May 1984AC Show TV - Spain (3 songs) 15mVG/EXC
12 May 1984Crystal Day special - The Tube TV 50mEXC
12 May 1984Crystal Day special - Danish TV (different) 45mEXC
25 May 1984Madrid Sports Hall 60mEXC
26 May 1984Barcelona Studio 54 60mFM
21 Jun 1985Manchester International 65mVG
23 Jun 1985Glastonbury Festival (Full show) 85mG
23 Jun 1985Glastonbury Festival 65mVG/EXC
1985Old Grey Whistle Test TV (The Killing Moon) 5mEXC
1985Villa Tempo TV - Belgium (Interview) 10mVG
1985Music Box TV (Interview) 3mEXC
1985"Bring On The Dancing Horses (Official Promo) 5mEXC
Nov 1985French TV (Interview) 12mVG
Nov 1985Old Grey Whistle Test TV (Interview) 10mVG
Nov 1985Rox Box TV - Belgium 10mVG
Nov 1985Cargot Du Nuit TV - Belgium 10mVG
16 Nov 1985Countdown TV -Holland (Bring On The Dancing Horses) 5mEXC
21 Dec 1985Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom (Full show) 90mVG
26 Dec 1985Top Of The Pops Interview with Peter Cook 5mEXC
09 Apr 1986Chicago Aragon Ballroom 80mEXC
20 Sep 1986Old Grey Whistle Test [with Billy Bragg] (3 songs) 5mEXC
1987"The Game" (Official Promo) 5mEXC
1987HMV Rooftop: London (Twist & Shout) 5mEXC
1987"Lips Like Sugar" (Official Promo) 5mEXC
1987"People Are Strange" (Official Promo) 5mEXC
1987Videomusic TV - Italy (Interview) 5mEXC
1987Roxy TV (2 songs) 10mEXC
May 1987Rio De Canaceo 55mEXC
09 Nov 1987Swedish Daily Live TV (4 songs) 20mEXC
24 Nov 1987Firenze Tenax (5 songs) 25mVG/EXC
1990"Enlighten Me" (Official Promo) 5mEXC
Aug 1991Liverpool Albert Docks (3 songs) 15mEXC
10 Dec 1991Leeds Duchess Of York 50mEXC
12 Dec 1991Edinburgh Venue 35mEXC
13 Dec 1991Glasgow King Tut's Wah Wah Hut 60mEXC
15 Dec 1991Aberdeen Caesar's Palace 5mEXC
17 Dec 1991Carlisle Clouds 45mEXC
1992"Inside Me Inside You" (Official promo) 5mEXC
21 Feb 1992Granada TV (Inside Me Inside You) 5mEXC
1997"Nothing Lasts Forever" (Official promo) 5mEXC
1997"Don't Let It Get You Down" (Official promo) 5mEXC
1997TFI Friday TV (Don't Let It Get You Down) 5mEXC
1997Later With Jools Holland TV (Nothing Lasts Forever/I Want to Be There...) 5mEXC
1997Ozone TV (Interview) 10mEXC
20 Jun 1997TFI Friday TV (Nothing Lasts Forever) 5mEXC
1997Glastonbury Festival TV(Interview/Nothing Lasts Forever) 10mEXC
25 Jun 1997Paris Inter Black Session 60mEXC
27 Jun 1997Top Of The Pops TV (Nothing Lasts Forever) 5mEXC
12 Jul 1997Escalore Dctor Festival 60mFM
05 Sep 1997Paul Ross Show TV (3 songs) 15mEXC
16 Oct 1997Kilburn National Club (Full show) 90mVG/EXC
17 Oct 1997Kilburn National Club (Full show) 90mEXC
25 Oct 1997New York Roseland Ballroom 90mEXC
31 Oct 1997Cleveland Odeon 90mEXC
1984-1998Japanese TV footage 60mEXC
27 Feb 1998Brussels L'Ancienne Belgique 60mVG/EXC
01 May 1998TFI Friday TV (How Does It Feel ...) 5mEXC
1998German TV (8 Promos + Interview) 45mEXC
1998"How Does It Feel ..." (Official Promo) 5mEXC
1998Top Of The Pops TV (How Does It Feel ...) 5mEXC
1999"Rust" (Official Promo) 5mEXC
1999"Rust" Live + Interview 10mEXC
12 Mar 1999TFI Friday TV (Rust) 5mEXC
22 May 1999London Astoria Theatre (UK TV) 60mEXC
05 Jun 1999Hamburg Markthalle 40mEXC
27 Aug 1999Reading Festival 20mEXC
04 Oct 1999Boston Paradise Club (Full show) 100mVG/EXC
2000Live On ITV2 60mEXC
21 Apr 2001Eye TV (Interview & excerpts from 2 songs) 5mEXC
30 Jun 2001Detroit Taste Festival 90mEXC
28 Jul 2001Fuji Rock Festival (Interview/The Cutter) 10mEXC
27 Nov 2001"Meet The Bunnymen" - Granada TV Special 30mEXC
Oct 2002Q Awards 7mEXC
08 Aug 2003Benicassim Festival 15mEXC
2005Wireless Festival 20mEXC
2005Tiscali Music DVD (4 Songs) 20mEXC
2005Cooking Vinyl Documentary & "In The Margins" Promo 60mEXC
01 Nov 2005Shepherds Bush Empire 1000mEXC
08 Nov 2005Amsterdam Paradiso 120mEXC
21 Jul 2006Benicassim Festival 65mEXC
20 Aug 2006Stafford Weston Park 30mEXC
2007St. Helens Eclectica Festival 60mG/VG
26 Oct 2007Liverpool Cavern 120mG/VG/EXC
08 Dec 2007Liverpool Carling Academy 120mEXC
09 Dec 2007Liverpool Carling Academy 120mEXC
16 Sep 2008London Royal Albert Hall 120mEXC
01 Oct 2008New York Radio City Music Hall (inc. "Ocean Rain" set) 50mEXC
01 Oct 2008New York Radio City Music Hall 20mVG
21 Mar 2009Austin Bat Bar 45mEXC
10 Jul 2009Bilbao BBK Festival 10mEXC
12 Oct 2009Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall 120mVG/EXC
13 Oct 2009Manchester Ritz 120mVG/EXC
14 Oct 2009Glasgow Barrowlands 120mVG/EXC
07 Jun 2014Manchester Ritz 120mVG/EXC
08 Nov 2014Buenos Aires Beba Stadium (Personal Fest) 90mVG/EXC

Ian McCulloch

1985"September Song" (Official Promo) + Interview 7mEXC
1989"Proud To Fall" (Official Promo - cuts) 3mEXC
1989"Faith & Healing" (Official Promo - cuts) 3mEXC
1 Oct 1989Rapido TV (Interview) 10mVG/EXC
1990"Candleland" (Official Promo) 5mEXC
1990The Late Show TV (Faith & Healing/Candleland) 8mVG
1992"Echoes Of The Bunnymen"  30mEXC
22 Apr 1990Tokyo Nakano Sun Plaza Hall (Full show) 90mVG/EXC
18 May 1990MTV Unplugged (6 songs) 25mEXC
1992"Lover Lover Lover" (Official Promo) 5mEXC
1992Granada TV (Lover Lover Lover/Dug For Love) 10mEXC
1992Celebration TV (4 songs) 20mEXC
30 Jan 1992Covent Garden Africa Centre (Vibor Blue) 5mEXC
14 Feb 1992Jonathon Ross Show TV (Lover Lover Lover) 5mEXC
22 Sep 1992MTV Expo TV (Interview) 2mEXC
31 Dec 11997All The Time In Th World (with Fun Lovin Criminals 2mEXC
2003"Sliding" Promo 5mEXC
08 Mar 2003Re:Covered TV (I'm Waiting For The Man/Sliding) 10mEXC
17 Sep 2009"Some Kind Of Nothingness (w. Manic Street Preachers) 5mEXC
"You'll Never Walk Alone" Compilation 180mVG/EXC


1994"Zephyr" (Official Promo) 5mEXC
9 Oct 1995Southampton Guildhall (Full show) 40mEXC
21 Nov 1995Toronto Phoenix Club (Full show) 70mVG/EXC
03 Jun 1996Grand Rapids Reptile House (Full show + Soundcheck) 75mEXC